Our Knowable God



Learning How to Relate to Our Invisible Lord

By Rose Noland

SYNOPSIS: Our relationship with our invisible God doesn’t have to be distant; we can attain intimacy with Him by applying the principles that characterize healthy human relationships to our relationship with God.

DESCRIPTION: Our Knowable God discusses the wonderful truth that God wants to be known intimately. It begins with some basics about relationships and the importance of having the proper mindset in approaching our holy God. Relationships are two-sided; both parties must do their part for mutual benefit. Key relational components such as spending time together, communication, respect, acceptance, faithfulness, forgiveness, and love are biblically examined in how God fulfills His role in relating with us; and what our role should be in relating to Him.

Rose relates many personal stories describing her journey in relating with her Savior; the mistakes as well as the successes. She is very open and transparent, meeting her readers at their level.

The purpose of this book is to help everyone who desires closeness with their Creator to achieve intimacy with Him. The intimacy spoken of in this book is not based on feelings, but on the truth of the Word of God. The truths revealed in Scripture about relating with God are exciting! Realities like: God delights in us, we work together with God not just for Him, He wants to confide in us, as well as we in Him—are just a few of the surprises within these pages.

The principles and attitudes necessary to connect with our Maker are clearly explained. Many practical tips are given as well as thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter for further application. The book contains charts, diagrams, appendices, and many biblical references for current or future in-depth study. However, even someone unfamiliar with the Bible can easily read this book because the necessary scriptural verses are contained within the text and is easy to understand. The material could be used repeatedly as one grows in their relationship with God.

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“Rose has written a tool that is needed in American churches today. While some authors give only their opinions about our relationship with God, Rose makes sure that all she’s written is rooted in the Word of God. This is a careful handling of God’s character and how we ought to relate to Him.” Marvin Patrick, Associate Pastor of Mount Airy Bible Church January 2013


Enthusiastic and Wise: This book is one of the best-researched books I have read. Mrs. Noland doesn’t just tell you about knowing God, she shows you through numerous scripture verses and compelling illustrations. She thoroughly answers the question “How can I relate to someone I can’t see?”
Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her frequent exclamation points make it feel more like a conversation than a scholarly study. However, this work makes an excellent Bible study resource–the appendices give many references for people to use to discover particular aspects of God and their relationship with Him. Well worth the read! HeatherN  3/27/13


A Must Read: I have had the privilege of being mentored through this book by Rose. It has helped me to put God in the proper perspective but at the same time shown me how I can have an intimate relationship with Him. Her personal stories and word pictures really help the reader to grasp difficult concepts. She offers very practical ways for relating to God. Rose’s faith is genuine and her desire for everyone to have a vibrant relationship with God is sincere. Due to her openness and relaxed writing style, as well as the useful applications you will feel she is personally mentoring you too. This book is firmly grounded in scripture and has many charts and ideas to continue your growth in the knowledge of God long after you have finished the book. Very well done. J.S. 4/14/13


Getting To Know Him: “Our Knowable God” is a must read; whether a babe in Christ or a mature Christian, Rose’s book is packed with practical information from her own personal experience on how to develop a wonderful, loving, and deep relationship with our incredible God.

One of the biggest challenges in our Christian walk is getting to know this God that we cannot see. Watching Rose cultivate her own intimacy with God, has given me a desire to know Him in a way that I did not even realize was possible. I knew a lot about God, but felt as if my relationship was still to shallow, to impersonal; intimacy with God was lacking.

As I read through the pages, I am taken to times where I have personally watched Rose live out what she has written. Rose’s unique writing style and thoughtful step by step instruction are a reflection of her journey and will help any reader, at any stage, to clearly see how it is indeed possible to get to know Him, not just know about HimCarie (a.k.a.) Lucy 4/16/13


Eye Opener: Wasn’t sure what this book was all about but once I cracked it open and started reading it opened my eyes to what was missing in my relationship with this God who saved me. It is well written and researched and worth a look see. C.C. 4/14/13


A Must Have: This book is a excellent read for anyone wanting to grow in their intimacy with the Lord. A wonderful combination of personal experience, application and solid biblical wisdom. It will continue to bless and edify you each time you read it. Lora Rodriguez 4/11/13


A Book I Can Use Every Day: I love this book. It gives practical ways to help further our walk with Christ. Rose has written with clarity and encouragement. Great insights! Pam G. 4/11/13


A Great Encouragement!: “I would highly recommend this book to anyone yearning for a healthy, vibrant, loving, real and growing relationship with our Creator. Rose, makes it abundantly clear, through her Truth-filled pages, her practical advice, her conversational writing style and her genuine openness, how we can have that relationship.
I found something useful and inspiring in each and every chapter. I found myself going back to the book to revisit and study the helpful advice. I enjoyed it so much that I bought one for my sister.
Having the privilege of knowing Rose personally, I am completely at ease trusting her advice because I see her live this book out daily. I am thankful she took the time to share her experiences and wisdom, because it has encouraged me and I am sure it will encourage other readers, as well.” Heather 2/18/13


Blessing: “I have had the joy of shepherding Rose and watching her grow over the years. I also have watched her experience the loss of her best earthly friend, her husband Ed. This book is some of the journey that I have been able to observe personally. I believe that you will be blessed to pick this book up and digest it carefully. It is not just words, but a life that has lived it. Read and be blessed.” Pastor Wally 3/4/13


“When my friend Rose Noland announced she was writing a book I couldn’t wait to read it. Rose has such unique and wise insights not only into knowing God’s Word but knowing our God. Her book, Our Knowable God, is not filled, rather packed, with an incredible amount of Scriptural data to back up her statements. The book is like none I’ve ever read; it gives a humorous, interesting, honest, and well-documented plan to relate better to our amazing Lord and Savior while at the same time remains an excellent book of reference for any Bible scholar.”  Janice F. 2/20/13


Seek and You Shall Find: An awesome reading experience! Are you searching for more about the God who loves you faithfully? Then this is the book you want! The Author provides many relevant biblical references on God’s “desire” for us to know Him, and how we can apply this to our own relationships. “Our Knowable God” is a giant step in your Faith Walk, towards the most perfect relationship you could ever hope for! Nancy H. 2/23/13


I am currently using this book as a one-on-one discipleship study. We are going through the book chapter by chapter. There is so much to learn and discuss that it sometimes takes two or three weeks to get through one chapter.

Rose has written this book as if she is sitting with you and sharing her love for the Lord and her experiences with you. Her illustrations are wonderful and often make me laugh, especially when she talks about her cats and the lessons she learns from them. I cry with her as she talks about her husband, Ed, who passed away three years ago, and the lessons she has learned through that trial.

I like the way, in each chapter, she first gives God’s point of view: what He expects from us and what He give to us. Then she gives what our responsibility is concerning our relationship with Him; how we are to respond and serve him.

Every statement Rose makes about God is backed up with scripture. In her appendix, she has a long list of scriptures which apply to each chapter in the book.

Rose and I had a mutual friend who recently went home to be with the Lord.  She gave away forty or more of these books to others; especially to those who needed to know God more.

Rose’s book is truly for individual growth and also very useful as a teaching/discipleship tool. I highly recommend this book to all who really wish to know our God more but also to those who think they don’t want/need to know God more. They will find the book easy to read and easy to relate to.  God has done mighty things through this book and I’m sure has many more things to do.

Thanks Rose for allowing God to use you in writing this wonderful book. Nell E. 4/11/13


A Wonderful Bible Study Tool: “If you want to know how to have a close relationship with God, this book is for you. The more I read it, the more I desire a closer relationship with Him.

God has given Rose such insight into this subject — there is so much in this book. One helpful exercise is to take a letter of the alphabet and find scripture related to an attribute of God that begins with that letter. I was amazed at how much I found in God’s word. It can take weeks to do this, but it is a good exercise for your personal quiet time.

This book will bless you and give you a desire to truly know God and have a relationship with him. Rose’s excitement about a relationship with God is contagious. Thank you, Rose, for writing this book.” Carolyn 2/18/13


 A “Must Read” For Everyone: All too often, we think of “God” as being “out there” somewhere. We often think of Him as being “at a great distance.” However, the scriptures clearly indicate that God is a personal God and desires to have a meaningful relationship with each and every one of us. What we tend to forget is that “relationships” require participation by both parties. Proper “relationships” have numerous aspects. Rose Noland, in her book, uses the scriptures to discuss each of these aspects from two perspectives, 1) how God reaches out to us, and 2) how we should respond to Him. I highly recommend this book. Better yet, I consider this book a “must read” for anyone who desires a relationship with the loving God that created you. Ps 139:13-17  Jay Auxt 2/18/13


You’ll Know God Better: “I have found Our Knowable God to be a valuable resource for my own personable Bible studies. A whole study can be based on one of the many lists and charts of verses and characteristics of God. For example, there are at least 40 Bible verses referenced in her chart in chapter 2 on ‘God’s Role as Father and Our Role as Child.’

Rose has clearly given an enormous amount of thought to this book. In case you mistakenly think that God’s relationship with us is very simple, see the 3-page ‘Relational Aspects Chart’ in the Appendix.

I must admit when I first looked at this book I thought it would mainly be used for a reference. Not so!! Rose has written in a conversational tone. It’s as if she is talking to you. It works wonderfully as a study group book taking one chapter at a time.” J.H. Member of Mount Airy Bible Church 1/11/13

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