5 Keys in LETTING God Address Your Pains

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God already knows everything about us, but we don’t!

When something is wrong and you can’t figure it out; can’t get a handle on it; can’t fix it, don’t you often go to someone in whom you can confide? Don’t you feel better afterwards—even if there isn’t complete resolution?

In order for us to confide in anyone, including our heavenly Father, there are 5 key elements needed for us to feel “comfortable” in laying our hearts bare and for our discussion to be productive. Each party must be:

Trustworthy, Honest, Open, Accepting, and Committed


How do you trust Someone you cannot see? How do you know if you can trust anybody?

By their character

You can trust God because His character is perfect, pure, and right. Trust in the Lord starts off small and moves to greater levels as He shows His trustworthiness over time. Repeatedly through various trials and circumstances, God has proven His faithfulness to me. He has always lived up to His promises. Give God time, and He will prove the same to you. You will not be disappointed (Ps 22:5).

But are we trustworthy? Will we listen carefully to what God tells us and then apply it diligently? Will we be faithful?


It is impossible for God to lie. He will only speak truth to us and about us. Gratefully, He is not brutally honest in showing us all our sin at one time. That would crush us. He is kind, tender, compassionate, and understanding.

We too must be honest with our Lord, if we’re going to get healing. Since He already knows everything about us (Ps 139), I think our fear has more to do with being honest with ourselves! We’re afraid to see what’s truly there and displeasing to the Lord.


How open God is with us depends largely on how open we are to receive. If our heart is hard, we won’t be able to accept His life-changing truths (see parable of the 4 soils Mat 13:10-17). Our cries will be more like complaining, wanting God to simply remove our pain without dealing with the cause (like Abby in my last blog).


God accepts us if we have accepted His Son. In and of ourselves we are not acceptable. Jesus has made us acceptable through His blood spilt for our sins.

If God accepts us just as we are, why can’t we accept Him just as He is? After all, He is perfect. He doesn’t reject us. Let us not reject Him!


Our Lord is committed to us. Look at the cross. What additional proof do you need in order to believe His unconditional love for you?! There isn’t anything greater than THAT!!!

But are we committed to Him? Committed to changing what’s necessary; to truly get at the root cause of our issues? (see last blog for what I mean by this.)

As you go to your Abba Father in this manner, you can be assured that He will tenderly help you to understand yourself. Not only for your sake, but especially for His!

Nothing else will grow your intimacy with your Lord more than working together with Him through your challenges!

So my friends, do your part in addressing those difficult issues. You can be sure God will do His part perfectly!


Adapted material from Our Knowable God: Learning How to Relate to Our Invisible Lord


Originally published 7-25-17

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