Handling Your Emotions God’s Way

Learn how to manage and use your emotions, so they’ll work for you, not against you.

Put your feelings in their proper place: Under God’s management and for His glory!

This 2-hour workshop is divided into 2 sessions.


  • Basic key principles about emotions
  • What affects our feelings
  • How to change our feelings


  • Application exercises to learn how to apply these principles to your life.
  • Handouts with practical guidelines for long-term life change designed specifically for your life.

These principles work because they are based on the infallible Word of God.

My promise to you:

If you apply these principles you will be able to handle your feelings in a godly way in an increasing manner.  

Each workshop is limited to 12 women (16+ years old) to maximize interaction.

$25 per woman

All proceeds go to funding  He’s So Worth It Ministries

For more information and to register contact Rose Noland: rose@heisworthit.com


The first thing that impacted me when the class began was Rose’s love for her Lord; the connectedness and intimate relationship she has with Him.  It created a desire to have that in my own relationship with the Lord. It made me question the depth of my own relationship with God.

Rose is very open about herself and her struggles, which creates an atmosphere that is relaxed, comfortable and safe. There was also fun and laughter, a lot of laughter. The illustrations were cute and memorable. The material that was presented was backed up by Scripture.

The worksheets that were given to be done at home brought the class to another level. A depth I am not sure I would have chosen to enter if it had not been guided by the “homework”.  Rose was very gracious to tell us that she would be willing to discuss any of the worksheets if we felt a need to do so.

The class taught me to think about the emotions I experience, discern which are true, and how to deal Biblically with them. It has helped me to analyze what I am experiencing and how to handle it in a healthy, Biblical way.

The class was worth the time, and the money.

THANK YOU, ROSE! ~DC April ’17


This workshop was great! I enjoyed the interaction and input from the other ladies. I wish it could have been longer.

Since taking this workshop and applying the things I learned I am more aware of my emotional state and able to nip them in the bud before I overreact. Slowly but surely I am having greater success in controlling my emotions in a godly way.

The worksheets Rose gave us to go deeper were very helpful in determining my own emotional triggers and how to deal with them.

I certainly got my money’s worth.  ~Dawn R. April ’17


Attending this workshop was exciting and valuable to me, especially as a Christian who should be more like Christ.  It was very informative and helped me to understand more about myself, which is always humbling (LOL)! It clearly revealed that emotional reactions can be destructive but also unnecessary!

This workshop reveals the extraordinary resource, strength, and power we have through God’s Word and His presence.

Once I did the worksheet exercises, I learned how I have a need for control of situations but I was actually losing control because of my emotional reactions.  When I discovered and understood some of the causes and the steps to control them, I found I have more patience, understanding, and peace with myself.  I am no master and will continue to work on it.  The key is- the more I get in the habit of asking the Lord to help me (before I react) the simpler it becomes to control my emotions….. and that is freedom.

I would love to see this as an all-day seminar.  It is very beneficial and 2 hours isn’t enough time to absorb so much information. The worksheets provided are done on your own time, but doing them with others and acting out situations as a group would bring each other’s experiences in the learning. It would be fun too! ~Nancy H. Mar ’17


It was fun and informative! ~DAB of Mt Airy  Mar ’17


“The emotions workshop was an encouraging time for me. I tend to get worked up easily and feel strongly about things. That can be a good thing, but has also caused stress (for both me and others!) as well as worry. Some of the principles discussed in the workshop weren’t new to me. However, having a time to focus on my emotions in light of God’s Word with other women was very positive. I was able to see the positive aspect of my emotions as part of the way God made me. And I was reminded of the hope we have in Christ for the times when they tempt us to sin and to stop trusting God. Rose has carefully written notes and helpful illustrations. Some new thoughts were sparked that I have been able to talk to the Lord about. He has been faithful to grow me in my response when the emotions hit and I trust that this workshop may be an encouragement to you as well.” ~B.W. May ’17

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If you are interested in attending one of these workshops, please contact me at rose@heisworthit.com

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